Tisha 2I can’t eat when I get back. I want Bisi. I want her to understand me. I am not like Steve. How could he? Touch her, kiss her! I pace around like a defeated demon. I don’t know what to do with Steve. There’s no authority to report him to. This outback in the middle of nowhere is despised. Anyone can do anything and before the protocols in the state departments are observed, the culprits have moved on.

Only jungle justice works in places like this. I think of Ajao. Can he arrange for some boys to beat Steve up, just like what happened to me? For the first time, I really think of the boy Ade, Foyeke’s brother. I’d learnt the boy was just a year older than Foyeke and dropped out of school three years earlier to be ‘Prince of Abagboro.’ If he could get boys to hurt me like that, he can do it again, for a price, I guess.

I’ve never arranged a hit on anyone before but definitely, this is well-deserved. Steve has come to mess around with everybody and he has to be stopped. Now I know four girls he’s toying with and Bisi being one of them drives me crazy.

Ade took out revenge on me because I beat up his sister. He can do the same for me if I tell him Steve is now sleeping with his sister and cheating on her. There’s a way to paint the picture that should set him off. Doing threesomes with Kenny, sharing a room with Toro and cheating on Toro with Fortuna.

I wonder if these ladies have any scruples at all themselves. How do girls just allow gigolos like Steve to enter between their legs? Left to Toro, she’s using Steve as much as he’s using her but she’s deceived.

I drop my head in my hands and sit on the edge of my bed. No matter who or why, all I want is for Steve to leave Bisi alone. He could have a millions girls for all I cared.

My mind roams to the kiss I shared with Bisi. It was just as wonderful as I dreamed it, though she didn’t respond.

I chuckle. “How sweet she will be when she learns to respond to me.”

Thoughts of having a proper relationship with her propel me back to the food she brought. I’d better eat. Not likely my neighbours will return soon or be in the mood to share their food with me. I’d planned to eat my normal meal of bread and coke but what a sumptuous provision. The soup tasted better than anything I’d eaten before.

The pounded yam is more than I can finish and I wish Jang was here. The slender man could eat a mountain.

I finish my food, what I can eat of it, and pack the rest away, hoping it will not be bad in the morning, and I can eat it again. Then I pick up my diary.

Words fail me to capture the few minutes Bisi spent in my room. I need to record my emotions, my joy and elation, my pain and disappointment, the heated passion I never knew was imbedded in me, and lust so overwhelming it is love.

I fall asleep clutching my diary and pen to my chest. Bisi, I love you.

Loud banging on my door wakes me. I jump off the bed and reach for the door in two leaps. I don’t even ask who.


Ajao pants in front of my door. I look around and seeing no one, pull him inside.

He bends over and breathes hard. “Tisha. Tisha.”

I check my watch on the table. It’s after midnight. “What’s the matter? Is it Bisi? Or your mother.” I shake him. “Ajao! Talk!”

“Pastor said I should call you.” He sits on the floor. “The other Tisha Jang. Say I should call you now now.”

“What happened?”

“Ade, Ade ti pa Tisha ooo!”

Ti pa. I know pa means kill. I shake him real hard.

“Ade killed who?”

“The female tisha that beat Bisi. Ade has killed her ooo!”

“Yee! Toro.”

I slip my feet into my slippers, grab my phone and rush out of the room with him. Fire on the mountain, run, run, run.


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