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We will publish all non-fiction, and original, exciting novel-length stories, with strong characters and intriguing plots. Ensure you have checked all the requirements below and see our genres for further details and their maximum word count requirement.

Your submission must include the following:

  • A covering letter which should briefly outline a little about the author, including details of any relevant writing history. It should indicate the genre of the story, its intended audience, and the full word count. Also, in one paragraph, it should tell us about any plans for online and offline promotion and networking.
  • The first three chapters of your novel which should not exceed 10,000 words. Double-lined, Times New Roman, size 12 – .doc format. Please don’t send the complete manuscript as it will not be read in full at the first assessment stage.
  • A synopsis of maximum 2 pages which outlines all the important aspects of the story, including character development and conflict. The synopsis should indicate the outcome of the story.


Although we do not ask for it at this stage (only the first three chapters), ensure your manuscript is completed at point of submission (i.e. that it is not a work in progress), and you have edited it.

Quote the title of your book, your author name and attaching requested files. Please choose the genre you consider your work to fall under. Some lines cross, so it is important you indicate your preferred genre.


Genres we are currently accepting submissions for are:


Crime, Thriller or Mystery, Women’s Fiction and Chick Lit, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Young Adult, Children’s Fiction, Contemporary and Historical Romance

All non-fiction.

We accept only Christian and Christian-biased works.

Before you submit to us, please see details of each genre and word count limits!


Genre details:

Crime, Thriller or Mystery:

An intriguing plot which leaves the reader guessing. Fast-paced thriller or cosy murder mystery, a crime is at the centre of the story. No graphic torture, bestiality or paedophilia. Maximum word count: 90,000 words.

Women’s Fiction & Chick Lit:

Your plot should be believable, with strong characters and page-turning conflict. It must have a positive ending. Maximum word count: 80,000 words.

Historical Fiction:

Time periods accepted range from ancient empires to the end of the 20th Century. You have carefully researched the period and created an authentic setting, bringing the past to life. We also consider time travel manuscripts. Maximum word count: 90,000 words.

Contemporary Fiction:

Post-1999 to present day. A drama, family saga, or thought-provoking tale. It must be engaging and realistic. Maximum word count: 90,000 words.

Young Adult Adventure

A High School adventure or a mystical world full of wizards and witches. You engage young adult readers with a quick-paced, entertaining plot. Maximum word count: 80,000 words.

Contemporary or Historical Romance

Your hero and heroine face external and/or internal obstacles and conflict before they can be together, finishing with a happy ending. Love scenes can be hinted at, sweet, spicy or hot. Please indicate heat level at point of submission. We do not accept erotic fiction or BDSM. Maximum word count: 80,000 words.


The minimum word count for all novels is 35,000 words. Word counts should be adhered to for the respective genre. Novellas may be accepted in exceptional circumstances, with a word count of between 15,000 and 35,000 words. We do not accept manuscripts in genres other than the above, except in cases of specific calls for submission.





Book Title

Subtitle (if any)


Co-author(s) (if any)

PROPOSAL CONTENTS with page number:



Word Count


Contact information:

Address: (Physical and Postal)

Phone: (Mobile, Home, Work)


Condition of manuscript

BOOK SUMMARY should be part of the overview and given:

In a Sentence:

Elevator Pitch:

In a Paragraph:

In One-half Page:

SETTING of the book



Should be 2-3 pages

MAIN CHARACTERS’ DESCRIPTION or theme description for non-fiction books


Should be written as the author wishes for it to be presented in the book.


Should  be at least three bestselling books in the same category as the book


Should contain means the author can use to sell the book


Includes all audiences for the book from the primary audience to the secondary audience


Author should have endorsements from personal endorsements to professional endorsements.




80% advance payment is required and 20% balance before delivery.

SN SERVICES BASICN500,000.00 PRIMEN800,000.00 SUPERIORN1,500,000.00
1. Professional editing services YES YES YES
2. Professional cover design 1 2 UP TO 5
3. Paperback Publishing 1000 copies. Books more than 40,000 words or 200 pages for picture books will get a separate quote 800 copies. Books more than 40,000 words or 200 pages for picture books will get a separate quote 1500 copies of the book. Books more than 90,000 words or 450 pages for picture books will get a separate quote
4. Hardcover Publishing NO 200 copies. Books more than 40,000 words or 200 pages for picture books will get a separate quote 500 copies. Books more than 90,000 words or 450 pages for picture books will get a separate quote
5. Image Insertions Up to 10 Up to 30 Up to 50
6. Electronic proofs of your book YES YES YES
7. Cover & interior customization YES YES YES
8. Interior Revisions YES YES YES
9. One-on-one author support YES YES YES
10. ISBN assignment YES YES YES
11. Complimentary copies 5 paperbacks 10 paperbacks. 2 Hardcovers 25 paperbacks, 5 hardcovers
12. Delivery Delivery within Lagos and environs Delivery within Lagos and environs. Subsidized within Nigeria Delivery within Nigeria
13. Promotional materials: bookmarks NO 50 100
14. Promotional materials: business cards NO 50 100
15. Promotional materials: stickers NO NO 100

Thank you for your patronage.

Sinmisola Ogúnyinka

PWG Publishing Author/Chief Editing Officer